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When I first started in January of 2013 I set out to create a unique screen cast series. I wanted a series that didn’t focus on just one topic, just Ruby, just JavaScript, etc… instead I wanted something that would challenge my subscribers, as well as myself. I wanted to talk about all sorts of technologies. I knew that some weeks the topic at hand might be incredibly relevant to viewers, and that other weeks it wouldn’t be. My hope was, and still is, that the weeks were the topic isn’t «relevant» that viewers will learn something new that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

I love to grow and learn about topics outside of my daily comfort zone, so I’ve made a venue for that. There are some episodes where I know the topic intimately, and there are others where I sat down, studied the topic, wrote lots of code, and presented my findings. All of it an educational experience as much for me, as my viewers.

Out of curiosity I thought I would take a quick look some numbers related to and the topics that I’ve been covering there for just over the past year, and I thought I would share them with you. Personally, I found these numbers to be incredibly interesting. I was, for example very surprised to find out what language (programming, not spoken) was most prominently featured in the episodes.

Total Hours of Video: 22:19:42

As of this post I have produced over 22 hours of video! I couldn’t believe it. I’m super happy with that number. That means as a subscriber you could fly from Boston to Sydney and still have episodes left over to watch!

Average Video Length: 00:17:23

The average length of a MetaCasts episode is just over 17 minutes. That means over your morning cup of coffee or breakfast you can watch a whole episode and impress your friends at work with your depth of knowledge.

It’s All About JavaScript (CoffeeScript)

Looking at how much time I’ve spent covering different languages it would appear the clear winner is JavaScript/CoffeeScript, with Ruby in second place.

Language Total # of Hours
CoffeeScript 13:05:26
Ruby 06:37:19
Go 01:00:56
Bash 00:43:07
JavaScript 00:26:20
SQL 00:14:30
Other 00:12:04

These numbers are determined by the «primary language» of the video. For example a video about Ember.js would be listed as CoffeeScript, or JavaScript, even though the back-end might have been written using Ruby.

Most Purchased Video

The most purchased video on is not surprising considering most subscribers are also Ruby on Rails developers; Ember.js Pts 1 - 5 [UPDATED]. Ember is an incredibly hot topic these days, especially amongst Rails developers, and whole of people have turned to to help them learn about it, and I’m honored to have helped them.

Just for completeness the second most purchased video on is Angular.js (revised) Pts 1 - 4.

People can’t get enough of JavaScript frameworks, and neither can I. I love playing with them, and I love presenting my findings, sometimes good, sometimes bad, to subscribers.

Most Watched Video

The most watched video on was from February of 2013, in which I covered the recently released Ruby 2.0.0-rc2.

Final Thoughts

Well, those are just a few of the fun numbers from over the past year or so. Looking at those numbers the ideal subscriber is a Ruby developer who wants to level up their JavaScript/CoffeeScript skills, as well as their Ruby, and along the way perhaps learn a bit about Go, SQL, Bash, and other fun stuff.

I really couldn’t be happier with how things are going with I’ve received amazing support from the community, subscribers, friends, and so many great people. So I guess as long as you’re willing to come along for the ride with me, I’ll be happy to keep generating new episodes for you.