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On January 1st of this year I announced a weekly screencast site called,, and I have been thrilled with the response it has received over the past year.

In it’s first year I’ve released over 60 videos (17+ hours) on Ruby, Rails, Go, JavaScript, Node, Redis, iOS, and so much more, and next year I plan on releasing even more great videos on those topics, as well as new ones.

The response I’ve received for MetaCasts has been overwhelming positive. I get stopped at conferences by subscribers (from around the world) who just want to tell me how much they enjoy my videos. I get emails, tweets, and more thanking me for helping shed some light on an issue someone was having or for introducing them to a new topic.

Today I’m happy to announce that team support has been added to MetaCasts making it easier for companies and organizations to easily help their members level up their development skills.

Team subscriptions are simple and easy to use. Simply create a new team subscription and enter the GitHub usernames of the users you want to have access to MetaCasts. That’s it. When they login, using their GitHub username, they’ll have full access to all of the MetaCasts episodes.

Pricing for team subscriptions depends on the amount of team members on the subscription. Team subscriptions, like single user subscriptions, come in both monthly and yearly plans, with yearly plans offering a significant discount.

I’m really happy with team subscriptions, as people have been asking for them for a while now. Learning, and growing, as a developer is incredibly important, so I encourage team leaders, managers, etc… to help their teams out and sign up today!

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