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Today I am announcing the release of a new SaaS application I’ve written, I’m very excited about this application, and if you are a Stripe user, then you should be too.

So what is First, let me give you a little background on how the application came to be. At the beginning of the year I announced my weekly screen cast site, The site has a monthly subscription of $9, or a yearly subscription of $90. If you don’t want to subscribe you can also buy individual videos, usually around $6 each.

When it came time to implement the purchasing/subscribing functionality in MetaCasts I looked at all the different payment processors on the market. I’ve used several different ones in the past, and was never satisfied with them. Either they charged too much (even if you weren’t making any money) or they were difficult to implement. Usually it was both. Then I found Stripe. Stripe was a revelation. It was both sanely priced (2.9% + $.30) and easy to implement. I was in love.

After using Stripe for several months to power MetaCasts, I found a chink in their armor. I had no idea where my revenue was coming from. Which of my products were selling the best? Which coupons were proving effective? What was my subscriber churn? I needed this information, and more. I needed to be able to analyze my revenue and make decisions based on it.

That is where Knowing that Stripe has an amazing API I was able to build an application that provided to me, in real-time mind you, all sorts of great information about my sales.

I’ve been using last couple of months while I’ve been developing it, and I can tell you my mind has been blown at some of the information I’ve seen in my data. Information that is just not readily apparent in the Stripe platform today.

I could go into specifics about the technologies I’m using, but I won’t, this isn’t that sort of post. Instead I just want to say that if you too are a Stripe customer, than you owe it to yourself to sign up for your business better than you’ve ever been able to before.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how people use the application, and I’m open to any suggestions you might have on reports that you’d like to see, I know I have a lot of great ideas that I still want to implement.

I hope this helps!

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