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UPDATE: Unfortunately TweetKO is no longer available. Sorry about that.

Twitter is an incredibly rich source of information. I find out about new libraries, applications, plugins, screen casts, etc… But, there’s a problem with is overwhelming amount of information… keeping track of it all. A lot of time I read Twitter when I’m on my phone. I’ll see a link to an article or website, etc… but I don’t have time to read it then, what do I do? How do I find that tweet later? Or what about that announcement or news link for a new service or application that I saw six months ago? How do I find that again?

Twitter is great but it’s ability to help you find specific tweets that are important to you is almost important. That’s why today I’m happy to announce TweetKO solves this problem by using the built ‘favorite’ functionality that Twitter offers. From _ANY _Twitter client you can simply mark a tweet as a favorite and TweetKO will pull it in and save it for you so you can find it later.

That’s it! It really is that simple. TweetKO is FREE and easy to use. In addition to pulling in your favorite tweets you can tell TweetKO to also pull in any tweets you wrote or retweeted, effectively backing up your Twitter history. A powerful search makes finding those tweets simple and easy. Plus you can save those search queries for later use.

Well, I hope you check out and find it as useful as I do. Enjoy!