Release 0.8.3

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Thanks to the cold and snowy New England winter this year, I’ve been able to devote quite a bit of time to getting Mack to run on Ruby 1.9, so with that said, here’s the 0.8.3 release of Mack, featuring… TADA… Ruby 1.9!! Of course there are a few other features and improvements in this release. Here’s a quick run down:

Ruby 1.9

The big one. Mack runs very well on Ruby 1.9, unfortunately I can’t say the same thing about some other frameworks. I’ve had some run ins with DataMapper on 1.9, but I’m sure those will be ironed out shortly.

A few weeks ago I announced I was working on getting Ruby 1.9 support for all my gems and libraries. I started out with Configatron, then upgraded Cachetastic and Genosaurus. Now Mack is 1.9 compatible. When I made the announcement the guys at RailsEnvy picked up on it and said that I made a call to arms to the community to pick up 1.9 support. Now granted, I didn’t actually say those words, but I think the intent was there, so I’m going to now officially say those words. This is a ‘call to arms’ to the Ruby community to upgrade their gems, plugins, libraries, frameworks, etc… to work on Ruby 1.9. I’ve done it, and I can tell you, it’s not that tough. Just use multiruby, and you’re off and running.

ActiveSupport In, Facets Out

What with the world getting smaller these days, well, at least the world of Ruby web frameworks. A lot of great work is going into refactoring ActiveSupport and making it faster, better, and smaller. Because of that and the fact that every time a new release of Facets comes out it breaks a whole lot of stuff, I’ve decided to use ActiveSupport as the basis of the mack-facets gem. So basically mack-facets is just ActiveSupport with a few more enhancements.

JavaScript Effects

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Gerardo Pis-Lopez, mack-javascript, has been upgraded to add helpers methods for effects for both Prototype/Scriptaculous and jQuery. Thank you to Gerardo for the much needed upgraded to mack-javascript.


Mack has been upgraded to use Rack 0.9.1, DataMapper 0.9.9, and a few other smaller gems.


  • #243 - Upgraded to Rack 0.9.1
  • #242 - Upgraded to DataMapper 0.9.9
  • #241 - Removed dependency on Facets
  • #239 - Add do_sqlite3 to gems.rb
  • #166 - Effects for mack-javascript
  • #133 - Added Form Builders
  • #22 - Ruby 1.9 Support
  • gem: rack 0.9.1
  • gem: rspec 1.1.12
  • gem: configatron 2.2.2
  • gem: cachetastic 2.1.2
  • gem: data_mapper 0.9.9
  • gem: addressable 2.0.1
  • gem: extlib 0.9.9